Nuke compositing master class

“Now choose your destiny!”

The Nuke Compositing Master Class 2-weeks course (80 hours) represents the highest level of education for compositors. Designed for either artists with at least 3 years of professional production experience compositing in Nuke™ or for students who completed the previous two levels of this training program: “Introduction to Nuke Compositing: Full Immersion” and “Advanced Nuke Compositing: Full Immersion”. This course delivers a set of professional skills to bring the students to the next level of finesse in the art of studying light and perform detail in a photorealistic compositing. Furthermore it brings a methodology a procedure to solve problems, increase the speed and preserve the quality of a solid workflow across a project. The master class could develop a junior into an upper-mid compositor. The contents of the program are the equivalent of 3 years experience on the field. The course is completed with film footage to allow the student to practice in class and at home and to create their own showreel to demonstrate the knowledge acquired during the course. The students are welcomed to bring their own materials or projects to exercise and put in practice the knowledge of the course.


Class Syllabus:

Day 1. Nuke™ Compositing Best Practices

Day 2. Mind Mapping Conceptualisation of Light: Replicating Light Qualities

Day 3. 3D Dimensionalisation

Day 4. Deep Image Compositing Fundamentals

Day 5. CG Relighting in Nuke: Workflow & Best Practices

Half term break (Weekend)


Day 6. Python® for Nuke™ Artists

Day 7. Convolutions and Defocus Theory & Practice

Day 8. 360 Degrees HDRI Handling & Coverage Map for DMP Workflows

Day 9. Non-Alpha Advanced Keyers

Day 10. Nuke™ & Mari™ Bridge: Installation and Workflow


Proposed Dates:

First Run (Italian language): 18.06.18 – 29.06.18
Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm (Lunch Break from 1pm to 2pm)
Rerun (Italian language): 05.11.18 – 16.11.18
Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm (Lunch Break from 1pm to 2pm)

TEACHER: Victor Perez

There are 12 places in total.

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