Introduction to nuke compositing: full immersion

“Bread, oil and pixels.”

The Introduction to Nuke Compositing: Full Immersion 2-weeks course (80 hours) has been designed for aspiring artists with little or no professional experience in the visual effects industry. Using the industry standard software Foundry® NUKE™ the course aims to provide the students with the minimum skillset to become roto/prep artist or junior compositor/compositing assistants. With this course the student learns how to use the software at the same time that is learning the fundamental principles of compositing. Having any kind of experience using Nuke™ is a plus but not necessary to take this course, still having any sort of knowledge in any field of visual effects or any software, like, for instance Adobe® After Effects™ is very welcome. The course is completed with film footage to allow the student to practice in class and at home and to create their own showreel to demonstrate the knowledge acquired during the course. 10 classes, 8 hours of training every day, divided in: Compositing Theory and Software Usage (Mornings); Practice and Project Oriented Exercises (Afternoon).


Class Syllabus:

Day 1. Introduction to Digital Image Fundamentals, Nuke GUI

Day 2. CG Integration: Match Grade & Nuke Colour Transformation Nodes

Day 3. 2D Tracking & Planar Tracker: Match-Move and Removal Workflow Fundamentals

Day 4. Rotoscoping Principles: Hard Matte & Soft Matte

Day 5. Introduction to Green Screen Keying: Keylight & Primatte

Half term break (Weekend)


Day 6. Multipass CG Compositing

Day 7. Camera Tracking Workflow

Day 8. 3D Camera Projections

Day 9. Nuke 3D Space Tools (I): The Iron Man HUD Project Day

Day 10. Understanding Grain. De-noise & Re-Grain Workflows


Proposed Dates:

First Run (Italian language): 21.05.18 – 01.06.18
Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm (Lunch Break from 1pm to 2pm)
Rerun (Italian language): 17.09.18 – 28.09.18
Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm (Lunch Break from 1pm to 2pm)

TEACHER: Victor Perez

There are 12 places in total.

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