Advance nuke compositing

“Lasciate ogni dubbio, voi che entrate”

The Advanced Nuke Compositing: Full Immersion 2-weeks course (80 hours) has been designed for either artists with experience using Nuke professionally or for students who completed the “Introduction to Nuke Compositing: Full Immersion” course. This training program will focus on higher level techniques to complete artists skills on a good based knowledge of the art of compositing and the use of Nuke. The knowledge delivered in this program, together with the Introduction one, is essential for a skilled and well prepared junior compositor in the highest standards VFX industry. The course is completed with film footage to allow the student to practice in class and at home and to create their own showreel to demonstrate the knowledge acquired during the course.


Class Syllabus:

Day 1. Camera & Lenses Artifacts

Day 2. Advanced Painting and Reconstruction Techniques

Day 3. Spill Suppressors and Luminance Restoration

Day 4. Image Based Keyer (IBK) and Advance Keying Techniques

Day 5. Matte Post-Processing

Half term break (Weekend)


Day 6. Custom-Made Tools, Improving Nuke™ Toolset and Team Workflow Serialisation

Day 7. Workflow Optimisation & Advanced Concatenation

Day 8. Nuke 3D Space Tools (II): Bulding and Modeling Tools

Day 9. Compositing Live Action Elements: Integration with CGI and Footage

Day 10. Animation Curves & Keyframe Handling


Proposed Dates:

First Run (Italian language): 04.06.18 – 15.06.18
Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm (Lunch Break from 1pm to 2pm)
Rerun (Italian language): 15.10.18 – 26.10.18
Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm (Lunch Break from 1pm to 2pm)

TEACHER: Victor Perez

There are 12 places in total.

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